RANDOM SHADOWS!! (brb_darkhour) wrote in tart_r_us,

April 11th/Dark hour/Tartarus

[It’s SHINY BLUE TARTARUS BLOCK, which means you're almost to the roof…

But, as usual, there is an obstacle in your path. A boss fight, just like the rest.

Except this is a boss fight… OF DOOM.

The Sleeping Table awaits.]

((Notes: You will gain two levels by completing this battle.

Due to the level upgrading nature of this boss, these fights can’t be handwaved. Only upon winning will you get levels, and only the members who are in the party at the end will get levels. Exceptions may be made if someone does 80% and then stops, or around then.

If, at any time, you decide you don’t want to keep fighting and want to drop out, or go on hiatus, or whatever, please either tell me, or drop an OOC comment in the post, and I will knock your character out so the fight does not freeze. You are welcome to rejoin a battle/get revived later on if you take this option!

Parties will be composed of four characters or less. I’d prefer separate smaller parties of people in the same time zone, rather then one big party. I will happily run as many boss fights as wanted. I will be making this as fun as possible. It will be difficult, but it will be both survivable and winnable, and not half as frustrating as the actual thing. Think of it as vengeance!

Oh, except if your name is Hino and you play Minato, in which case I am making you my bitch. For the delight and edification of the mods, you get your own very special party. Bring lube.]
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