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All Your Tart Are Belong To Us

TARTARUS: All My S.E.E.S. Tartarus Community
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let the traveller beware

The tart_r_us community is used for logs relating to Tartarus, Full Moon Events, and plot-related missions during the Dark Hour. Not to be confused with the all_my_sees community, which is used for general third-person interaction.

Logs will be written in third person, with no limit to what content it may hold as long as it is properly noted under the “Warnings” and “Ratings” section of the log format (see below).

Using tags with the characters’ names who are involved in the logged is required to keep things organized. However, it is discouraged to use tags that relate to location, content, theme, or other things as they will just clutter up the tags list.


Log Format:


Rule 1: Play nice! --> In we_sees_you, we want to have a fun environment that allows everyone to enjoy the roleplay. That means you need to treat other players with respect, and try to do your best to help when help is needed. If you have a disagreement with someone, please try to talk it out with them calmly. Yes, the setting of this roleplaying game is a high-school scenario, but let's all try to be adults here and avoid needless drama, infighting or tantrum throwing. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship with your fellow RPers, and will help ensure that everyone gets along better!

Rule 2: Please play canon! --> If you are playing a series character (known as FCs), and not an Original Character, then we ask only that you try to do that character justice. play the character in accordance with the way he or she is in the series; this means that radical, unexplained and especially sudden changes, particularly of drastic nature, will be questioned by the mods. When you completely change the way that a character behaves, it makes roleplay for everyone else different, especially if you make the changes without any evident reasoning behind it, or communication with other players. Some changes in a character's behavior, if made gradually and under understandable circumstances, are only to be expected in a roleplaying situation.

All roleplaying games have to be at least a little bit Alternate Universe to the original shows and fandoms that they refer to; this is unavoidable. But under no circumstances should we see a character suddenly throw away who she or he is just to do something that you as a player think would be more fun. Perhaps if you don't like the way a certain character's original make-up restricts you, it would be more fun to play a different character-- whatever the case, the players and the mods here at we_sees_you want to see the characters they know and love brought to life, and treated with care. Please be considerate, and careful when choosing your characters! You have an obligation to try to live up to that character's reputation.

Rule 3: No god-modding! --> You can't decide how or how others can't react; when roleplaying, keep in mind to keep your poses open-ended so that others may have the opportunity to react. Also, be sure to ask permission before doing something that may effect another character negatively or positively. Communication is the key.

Is that all? --> Of course not! Please see this post right here for the rest of the rules.

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