Arisato Minato (有里湊) (cant_howl_my) wrote in tart_r_us,
Arisato Minato (有里湊)

April 1, 2009 // Tartarus // Not an April Fool's post, somehow

*After that last Arcana Shadow, Minato has been focusing his attention on Tartarus. He's made significant progress, along with others who go with him. Today, he has gone out again. He's been inviting anyone who is willing to come with him- His groups of fighters going with him at any one time is actually pretty large. The group has climbed far, and they have finally made it to the next block. Welcome to...


((OOC notes: You can gain levels here! Up to five in one sitting, but stay too long/do too much and you will become tired/sick, unable to come back until you recover. Please use your best judgment on level gain/effects on your status!))
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