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Kageyama Mikoto [影山 みこと]


The very moon that Mikoto was so intent on viewing just prior to this moment was now trapped outside the walls of Tartarus. How far up were they? Well, it didn't matter much to him. This was his home; the whole time, he belonged here, and though he could have entered at any given night, there was a certain romantic appeal about such a day.

Today was Kageyama Mikoto's birthday... The real one, of course. The one whose form this shadow now known as Mikoto reflected. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), it was also a full moon, and from the rare and yet not really rare occurrence, his powers and the powers of his brethren became stronger, perhaps exponentially so. It was on such a night that he had encountered the boy, and it was perhaps by chance (but maybe not really) that the connection was forged, much stronger than expected. He hadn't realized it until the streets dried, the moon went pale, and the night became less vacant. He, himself, didn't quite understand it, but who was he to demand comprehension?

There were times when he might have acted with that other persona (ha, and what an ironic term), where he might have shown human emotions, perhaps had some human thoughts. Perhaps he was experiencing one of those just moments ago as their world melted into his.

A mere shadow simply couldn't appreciate the beauty in that.

But enough of that. It was a fleeting feeling, and fleeting feelings should be dismissed in a fleeting fashion. Yukari, too. Yukari was fleeting, and soon she might realize it, but it doesn't matter if she does or doesn't; it's time to dispose of her.

But don't get too full of yourself; "Mikoto" isn't the only one feeling invigorated tonight. Tonight, all of them act as though this night is their last. All of them act upon impulse towards a common goal-- Are you ready for it?
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