Kazuki Momoretsu (blindpersonate) wrote in tart_r_us,
Kazuki Momoretsu

Just Another Night At Tartarus (OPEN LOG)

Who: Momoretsu Kazuki, Yamaguchi Yuu, Matt[OPEN]
Where: Tartarus
When: Dark Hour - Wednesday May 14
Ratings: PG for fighting and perhaps language depending on who shows up.
Warnings: None yet
Summary: Kazuki goes to Tartarus for some lone training against the weak Shadows on the first 5 floors. /o/ Not expecting company, but she may get it.

Okay, so maybe it was stupid to go alone. Really stupid, even. However, since Kazuki was with Mimir... she didn't feel alone. She eliminated another round of Cowardly Mayas with some melee attacks before finding the transporter and heading back.

Once back on the ground floor, she sighed and sat down on the stairs that led to the face of the clock. Picking up a water bottle that was half empty, she took a drink, wiping her hair out of her eyes. "One more run," she said softly to herself, "That'll be enough." Her Evoker was strapped to her thigh, Kazuki wearing a shorter skirt than she usually did for easier access. She didn't approve of it, but having it there was more effective than having it at her waist.

She leaned her head back, gazing at the ceiling. "One more run," she whispered.
Tags: guy, kazuchi, matt, yuu
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