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21 May 2009 @ 09:37 am
[The world is ending. Now might be time to get some last minute training in the SHINY BLUE TARTARUS BLOCK]

((((OOC notes: You can gain levels here! Up to five in one sitting, but stay too long/do too much and you will become tired/sick, unable to come back until you recover. Please use your best judgment on level gain/effects on your status!))
[Over Moonlight Bridge, there is a very large shadow, hanging like a puppet high in the sky, limbs swaying in the breeze, far out of reach of normal attacks.

In front of it, three statues.

But to get to it, you'll need to carve a path through and hold back the swarm of shadows spilling over the side like an endless flood.

11 April 2009 @ 11:45 am
[It’s SHINY BLUE TARTARUS BLOCK, which means you're almost to the roof…

But, as usual, there is an obstacle in your path. A boss fight, just like the rest.

Except this is a boss fight… OF DOOM.

The Sleeping Table awaits.]

((Notes: You will gain two levels by completing this battle.

Due to the level upgrading nature of this boss, these fights can’t be handwaved. Only upon winning will you get levels, and only the members who are in the party at the end will get levels. Exceptions may be made if someone does 80% and then stops, or around then.

If, at any time, you decide you don’t want to keep fighting and want to drop out, or go on hiatus, or whatever, please either tell me, or drop an OOC comment in the post, and I will knock your character out so the fight does not freeze. You are welcome to rejoin a battle/get revived later on if you take this option!

Parties will be composed of four characters or less. I’d prefer separate smaller parties of people in the same time zone, rather then one big party. I will happily run as many boss fights as wanted. I will be making this as fun as possible. It will be difficult, but it will be both survivable and winnable, and not half as frustrating as the actual thing. Think of it as vengeance!

Oh, except if your name is Hino and you play Minato, in which case I am making you my bitch. For the delight and edification of the mods, you get your own very special party. Bring lube.]
*After that last Arcana Shadow, Minato has been focusing his attention on Tartarus. He's made significant progress, along with others who go with him. Today, he has gone out again. He's been inviting anyone who is willing to come with him- His groups of fighters going with him at any one time is actually pretty large. The group has climbed far, and they have finally made it to the next block. Welcome to...


((OOC notes: You can gain levels here! Up to five in one sitting, but stay too long/do too much and you will become tired/sick, unable to come back until you recover. Please use your best judgment on level gain/effects on your status!))
02 November 2008 @ 01:19 am
The very moon that Mikoto was so intent on viewing just prior to this moment was now trapped outside the walls of Tartarus. How far up were they? Well, it didn't matter much to him. This was his home; the whole time, he belonged here, and though he could have entered at any given night, there was a certain romantic appeal about such a day.

Today was Kageyama Mikoto's birthday... The real one, of course. The one whose form this shadow now known as Mikoto reflected. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), it was also a full moon, and from the rare and yet not really rare occurrence, his powers and the powers of his brethren became stronger, perhaps exponentially so. It was on such a night that he had encountered the boy, and it was perhaps by chance (but maybe not really) that the connection was forged, much stronger than expected. He hadn't realized it until the streets dried, the moon went pale, and the night became less vacant. He, himself, didn't quite understand it, but who was he to demand comprehension?

There were times when he might have acted with that other persona (ha, and what an ironic term), where he might have shown human emotions, perhaps had some human thoughts. Perhaps he was experiencing one of those just moments ago as their world melted into his.

A mere shadow simply couldn't appreciate the beauty in that.

But enough of that. It was a fleeting feeling, and fleeting feelings should be dismissed in a fleeting fashion. Yukari, too. Yukari was fleeting, and soon she might realize it, but it doesn't matter if she does or doesn't; it's time to dispose of her.

But don't get too full of yourself; "Mikoto" isn't the only one feeling invigorated tonight. Tonight, all of them act as though this night is their last. All of them act upon impulse towards a common goal-- Are you ready for it?
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16 May 2008 @ 07:26 pm
Who: S.E.E.S
Where: The Love Hotel ♥
Ratings: T?! You guys know this ):
Warnings: Teenagers shooting themselves in the head, getting lost, slaying non-proverbial demons, aaand some swearing, mayhaps. The usual.
Summary: Iiiit's Hierophant time! Ready for a new kind of dungeon crawling adventure? Bet a pretty penny on how many groups get lost because they get distracted by the 'rooms' and what lay inside ♥

ride with the moon in the dead of nightCollapse )
Who: Momoretsu Kazuki, Yamaguchi Yuu, Matt[OPEN]
Where: Tartarus
When: Dark Hour - Wednesday May 14
Ratings: PG for fighting and perhaps language depending on who shows up.
Warnings: None yet
Summary: Kazuki goes to Tartarus for some lone training against the weak Shadows on the first 5 floors. /o/ Not expecting company, but she may get it.

Okay, so maybe it was stupid to go alone.Collapse )
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13 May 2008 @ 05:25 pm
Who: Kira, and anyone who wants to join him in accumulating frustration. |D
Where: Tartarus. (I REALLY should have clarified this; he was at the lobby >_>;;)
When: May 13, Dark Hour
Ratings: ...I'll edit this with a rating based on what goes on.
Warnings: Depends on the content of the threads when this is over.
Summary: Ah, Wealth Hands. The biggest annoyances ever.

Let's get this over with, shall we?Collapse )
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11 May 2008 @ 04:04 pm
Who: Minato and whoever else wants to come!
Where: Tartarus, first two blocks.
When: Sunday, May 11th, during the Dark Hour.
Ratings: Hino. (What, that should totally be a rating.)
Warnings: Hino. (:|)
Summary: Minato needs a Beetle Shell from the first block and a sword from the dancing couples in Arqa. Hino wants to play with new icons. Plus we just need more badass fight scenes in general. SO.

SKREE >8ECollapse )
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19 March 2008 @ 01:51 pm
Who: S.E.E.S. and whoever?
Where: Random Places abound
When: Dark Hour on the 27th of March 8D
Ratings: IDK
Summary: Today we bring you the Empress + Emperor arcana~

The Voice that beckons DeathCollapse )
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